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NetWare newbie - recomendations please

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Hi there,

I have just been appointed to a company running a NetWare 4 setup and essentially know doodally squat about NetWare. (I did point this out at interview and they primarily want me for other strengths). I could do with probably a couple of references, one fairly gentle and introductory and another more thorough.

Can any of you guys help here?

It would be greatly appreciated.


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A few utilities

by geo1 In reply to NetWare newbie - recomend ...

Just like yourself, I am lacking in a Netware 4.1 background and was told it would be gone soon after my arrival which is now six months. Here are a couple utilities you will find helpful:

Recycle Bin: Netware version is called Salvage. Go to the directory where the user deleted the file they now need back and type the command: salvage (filename)
The results will be self explanatory.
It's a great tool. Better than undelete.

Tip two:
From your workstation, create a short cut to
your Netware Server, in my example it is ASBNW01. Here is our Admin Utility path:
This allows me to administer User accounts and associate the correct login scripts when they change departments, reset login password grace periods and change/sync passwords with our NT Domain. You can copy user accounts to add users too.

Lastly, there is: rconsole
This ustility is true netware environment.
It is not so self explanitory. I use it
mostly to force off phantom concurrent logins which will cause users to exceed their allowable concurrent sessions.

from a DOS Prompt:
Choose SPX Connection
We use Server Name for User, you will need to get your company's User & Password.
ALT-F3 several times to toggle to the General Information Screen with the Connection Information Option
Use Space Bar to choose Options. DEL any unwanted connects noted with an (*) asterisk in front of the user name. I WOULD NOT Delete any seemingly redundant SERVER connections.
ESC to Exit
ALT-F2 to leave RCONSOLE
ESC again to return to DOS Prompt screen.

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Thanks - any books you've come across?

by In reply to A few utilities

Thanks for the tips.

Have you experience of any good printed stuff? - I can see this OS sticking around here for a while longer..



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by tnscMatt In reply to NetWare newbie - recomend ...

The best thing to do is take a Novell Certified administrator course. It is a two or three day thing.

The other thing to do is check out Their support site is great. Any problem or error, they have the answer quickly.

I am a netware believer

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