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    Netware Partitions Not Found


    by tedbruce ·

    Trying to replace 4, 4.3gb hot swap ultra wide SCSI Drives on an HP LHpro 6/200, with 18.2 gb drives. Using the HP array utility an array was built, then using the HP scipting tool Netware 4.11 was installed. Everything went well until asked to restart the server. During startup a message is displayed saying the Netware Partitions could not be found! Went through the RAID initialization and Scripting Tool procedures several times , each time with same results?

    HP has verified the drive as compatible with the NetRaid controller and Server! The 4.3gb drives are functionning correctly, as an array.

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      Netware Partitions Not Found

      by budnelson ·

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      Make sure you are using the proper drivers.

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      Netware Partitions Not Found

      by duster52 ·

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      I have seen similar symptoms during installs or patches when server.exe or some of the supporting nlms are corrupted during the install/patch. If this is a first time install, try reinstalling. Make sure that you are using the correct nlms for the raid controller….Also try remarking anything that you do not need out of the config.sys and autoexec.bat. It is possible there is something loaded in DOS that is conflicting with the Netware nlms.

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