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Netware problems

By pitch0000000000 ·
When i log onto my computer it comes up with a log in screen and i don't need one i just want my computer to boot up straight to the desktop. i went to control panel>user accounts>change the way users log on or off. then i checked on "use the welcome screen" and "use fast user switching" then clicked "apply options". then this error message popped up " Client Services for netware has disabled the Welcome screen and Fast user Switching. To restore these features, you must unistall Client Services for NetWare." i then went to control panel>add and remove programs, and i don't see it any where there. i finally searched for it and found it under the program folder and saw that is was catagorized as a system32 file and didn't want to delet it because it might mess up my computer. I also right clicked on the icon and went to properties and saw that it was a "driver device" and looked under device manager and didn't see it there either. i wanted to know if there was a way to disable it or if i deleted it would it mess up my computer?

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by lowlands In reply to Netware problems

It has been a while, but I believe you'll have to go to start/settings/network connections

The Client Services for netware should be listed when you click properties for your network adapter and you can uninstall it from there.

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by AmberHaze In reply to Netware problems

The above is mostly correct, depending on what version client for Netware it is. If it is one of the newer versions however, it sounds to me like you have had the client removed improperly. If that is the case, the best bet is to re-install the client and then you will have a proper uninstall to use.

The 64 million dollar question however is which version did you have? Best bet is.. where did the computer come from and what novel network was it on?

If you figure out the answer to that part, the client is easy.. as they are down loadable from the novel site.

Good Luck

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by pierrejamme In reply to Netware problems

I agree with all the above. You should have Netware client in Control Panel\Add Remove and you can also uninstall it in Network properites. If you are on a school Netware network (said you were a student) you shouldn't be attempting any of this.

You should have a Workstation only box when you log on to Netware. This still requires a logon but you won't be connected to the network.

And yes Netware client must be removed properly for you to be able to access "Fast Switching". Which in my opinion is ignorant option for a PC (personal computer0. Let them get their own computer I say.

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by kesl In reply to Netware problems

There is a better way... I use it on my laptop in order to have the best of both worlds.

First, re-install the latest NetWare client. Then go ahead and logon. In the task bar, on the right in the notification area you should see a large red letter "N". Right click this icon and select the Novell Client Properties. In the properties screen select the Advanced Login tab. Then set Initial Novell Login to 'off'. Your desktop will now use Windows login for its main logon. Then when you want to access NetWare servers, jusr right click the "Big Red 'N'" and select 'Netware Login...'


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by Gareth Chapman In reply to Netware problems

In the Novell client install folder is a sub folder called ADMIN. run the unc32.exe file found there to uninstall version 3.x of netware.

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by Gareth Chapman In reply to Netware problems

In the Novell client install folder is a sub folder called ADMIN. run the unc32.exe file found there to uninstall version 3.x of netware client.

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