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Netware Running on 100Base

By lmcdonald ·
We have installed a 100Base network card in our Novell Netware 4.1 Server. The patches/updates we have tried has
not enabled the server to recognize the
100base ethernet card. I am pretty netware illiterate. Is it possible that our version of Netware is in no way
compatable with 100Base T. Or am I missing something?

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RE: Netware 4.1 / 100BaseT

by mark-vent In reply to Netware Running on 100Bas ...


yes I do remember something along these lines (no specifics come to mind) I think it was somekind of problem when running at fullduplex .. try switching to halfduplex (card and port) and see if that helps .. as I say I seem to remember this being a problem with us .. however we've been NW5 for a while now and have our own problems to contend with


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You are missing something

by mdamico In reply to Netware Running on 100Bas ...

NetWare as been able to support 100BaseT since v3.1x.
First, make sure your hardware is supported. What kind of card are you using?
Check INETCFG. Under boards, verify the settings. There should be a place to hard code the parameters, Press F1 for help.
Note: Some boards are autosensing without any ability to set the parameters.
Check the hub/switch the server is connected to. Make sure it supports 100BaseT and if so is set to do so. For best performance, hardcode both the switch and the card to match.

If you are using Arcserve to backup remote Servers it does not support full duplex because it uses SPXS which is a half duplex technology. Backups will still work but they will be slow across the wire if you stay with full duplex.

For more assistance go to You'll be surprise how easy it is to get solutions from there.

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disable autonegotiation on nic

by k2 In reply to You are missing something

I had a customer who had a similar problem when we moved him from Thinnet to switched 100base- Locking down the settings on the nic cards (disabling autonegotiation) helped out. This is common, especially with 3com cards.
They also upgraded Novellclients, which updated the nic drivers. After that, no worries.

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