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By shail_0 ·
i have a internet through netwark & i get internet , but i not getting network computers.
when i go to network, no network screen will appear.

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by valis In reply to NETWARK PROBLEM

what is your primary language?

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by aramos15 In reply to NETWARK PROBLEM

I don?t know your O.S. but i suposse Win98 o bigger in winXP you must run Create a Small Lan on lan properties. o You can use a landiscovery Software like Karen?s Lan discovery at ok

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by Hakor Erawan In reply to NETWARK PROBLEM

what type of OS are you running? MAke sure you are at least on the same workgroup or domain as the other machines. Check inside your Network/Computer properties.

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by SysEngineer In reply to NETWARK PROBLEM

How are you connected to the internet, just through your computer. Are you connecting through a proxy server.

What type of server are you trying to connect to.?

You might need to provide more information but have you tried pinging any of the other workstations, and are you on the correct subnet.?

These are just a few things I would try first and foremost.

If you can ping some of the machines but not others try running either a pathping or a tracert to narrow the problem to a cable, switch or router.

Good Luck.

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