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Thanks in advance for any help with this. I'm trying to setup a folder, which we can call test for the sake of this discussion that has 5 subfolders: foldera, folderb, folderc, folderd, and foldere.

This peer to peer network consists of 3 pc's. I want foldera to be password protected with the password, water. I only want computer users, billy and bob to have access to foldera, and restrict access to this folder from user, thorton.

However, I want thorton and billy and bob to be able to access the folder test and folderb, folderc, folderd, and foldere. It is only foldera that need be restricted and that is from user, thorton.

All three machines are running XP Pro. They are all networked with the workgroup mshome. What are the proper steps to configure the network as previously stated?

I've already tried mapping the folder test and setting up the proper usage privileges in sharing and security. I turned Simple File Sharing off.

My problem I'm sure is, how do I specify the users on the other networked computers in the share? The only way I've been able to do it thus far is to setup users locally to the one machine the folder test is mapped out from, but this is no good obviously as when I try to access from another machine, be it bob or thorton to billy's machine, I get access is denied.

Please help, thanks so much!

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