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By sexy_chicken_man ·
hi i have adsl and 2 computers on a network running through a swich they both have the net but the file sharing wont work and we cant play lan games what should i do my ips are auto on both computer or my net dont work one computer has xp pro and the other home ive set the file sharing but (can u tell me how so i know if i did it right)the workgroups are the sameand my swich has the net on port 1 (cause it has know set port on the back for one)and the other computers are using 1 and 2 and the fire walls are on but we cant ping each other plz help

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by sgt_shultz In reply to network 2

you are doing so great with this. have you turned off the Windows Firewall in XP (control panel). after you get things working, later you can turn it back on and make 'exceptions' for file sharing and network browsing etc. also there must exist a network resource for you to see anything. So check to see that each pc has My Documents shared or something.
other than that sounds like the only things you are missing are matching user accounts on each pc with identical username and password.
also try turning off simple file sharing (Tools/Folder Options/View/way at the bottom)
to get things working, set up a new user with the same name and password on each pc and login with that account on each pc
don't use the welcome screen or fast user switching as it will be easier to debug if you are clear about how each box is logged in and using the windows login box is good way, imho.
if you use the Network Setup Wizard (XP Control panel) it will do the same stuff as above only easier. it helps you make a floppy that you take to the other pc and installs the required user accuont and workgroup/gateway stuff. so you are most of the way there i think but if you can't manually get it to work you can try this way.

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by antuck In reply to network 2

You mentioned you are using a switch and have set each computer to automaticly get an IP address. Do you know where the IP address are being assignned from? Generally a switch will not hand out an IP address. Did you mean router?

You also mentioned that firewalls are on. You should disable for the time being the firewalls. If after disabling the firewalls, the computers see each other, you know you have to go in and set up the firewall to allow for the network.

With file sharing you should see a hand under the file you want to share. If there is no hand under the file, it is not set up to be shared.

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by acecc In reply to network 2

Is you IPS connected via PPoE? There are several methods connect via ADSL, define the connection often PPoE this is via a bridged connection.

Now eliminating the Internet for now, each PC has an unique MAC address where a switch senses this number creating a table associated with an IP. If the IP assignment is dynamic via your ISP then a piece of software setting the bridge (if this is the case) must be ran on each PC.

I would make each PC talk to one another by setting each a private IP on the same subnet, ie and, setting the Gateway, DNS to the ones provided by your ISP.

Then concentrate on sharing the gateway. Your ISP is most likely taking care of NAT, DNS, DHCP, and the Gateway meaning that your network is part of their subnet.

I would put an end to the headache and install a router such as a DI-604 and setup the Point to Point over Ethernet, having the router which has a four port switch take care of all the payload.
Ports on a Firewall do not block ping http or 80 or 8080 which are registered ports, etc by default.

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