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When I start my xp sp2 the local lan is ok. mean all other user access my computer as well as I can too.

But after 1 hour or 2 hour no one can access me.

Kndly let me know......

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More info

by syst3m.admin1strator In reply to Network

kinda need a bit more info:

when the machine drops out can you pind it either by host and/or IP from other machines. from the local machine can you ping other machines or your gateway.

if you cant ping from the local machine, try doing a loop back test and also do an ipconfig /all and check all your settings.

before anyone jumps in and says your DHCP server isnt working properly, i just have to say that it would be, because the other machines are getting leases from the DHCP server.

also the way that DHCP works also means that you would more likely have a problem with you NIC rather then the DHCP server, because when a machine boots it sends out a request for an IP address, which also means that when a lease is up it will send another request to obtain another address. so if its not sending a request it can obtain an IP.

A couple of weeks ago i had a client who's machine was doing the same thing, it would be on the network file sharing etc, then all of a sudden it would just drop off.

At first i thought i had a problem with a port on the switch but i found that when it dropped off i couldn't ping anything or even do a loop back test, which ment that the NIC was faulty. i replaced the NIC in the machine and since then no more problems.

i have also come across similar problems and found that it was a faulty ethernet cable

if none of that helps, send us some more info about the problem.

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