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By Randy ·
I need to preface this with the following: As I can spell ?computer? and ?network? I?ve been ?given? the duty of maintaining the family business WORKGROUP network, computers, and associated peripheral gear. This system consists of 4 Win2K SP4 boxes I?ve built and one Win 95 box plus a couple of employee machines (PC's). There is no broadband I-Net access.

Generally speaking, when I?m in the area, and can gain direct, local access? all problems can be resolved without too much problem.

Here is the problem: On occasion when I?m out of the area and need to access the system and a specific network ?box? I use pcAnywhere on a dial-up line thru a Win2K box?

I believe I need go to the ?dark place? thru RUN:cmd. Then NET USE [specific Syntax] and finally RUNAS [specific Syntax].

In the previous problem, I wanted to launch ?control date/time? (DST issue you know) on a specific Win2k box other than the one I entered the system on. This PC has only ?USER? rights ?. Please note, this user can almost spell ?computer,? and if allowed ?Power User? rights could cause significant problems.

What?s the correct procedure and syntax? Obviously, accessing the machine I want via ?gooie,? and then the program would be easiest with a shift / right click but via DOS is certainly OK.

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