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Network access methods

By gerrytkl ·
What r network access methods?
What do they do?

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Network access methods

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Network access methods

For accessing netwok u can use network neighbourhood.Before accessing network share the drives and floders that u want other peolpe could access throuh network.If u want to acess drive of other computer drive u can map the drive from networkneighbourhood by right cliking the floder to be mapped and select map the drive option and select the drive letter.
Other way u can use net use command to map the drive.The command is
net use g: \\servername\sharename.
here g: is drive letter to that share which is to bwe mapped.Servername is name of server which drive to bee mapped.And share name is name given to drive or floder of computer while sharing it.

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Network access methods

by Kuhlio In reply to Network access methods

Actually, speaking in general network terms, access methods are ways that a network keep data packets from crashing into one another. Some types of access methods include Ethernet (very common), and Token Ring. Ethernet is what you see almost everywhere. With Ethernet two nodes on the network can send out packets at the same time. This could cause the packet to crash and have to be resent (it happens all the time). With Token Ring, an "access token" is "handed to each node and if that nodehas traffic to send, it will send it then. The "token" prevents collisions from happening, but also detracts from high bandwidth enjoyed by users of Ethernet.

Hope that helps.

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