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    Network access to Windows 7 drives and to VirtualXP drive


    by star4514 ·

    I have Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) on a new computer and also installed the VirtualXP machine. On my home network I also have my old XP desktop machine and an XP laptop. From the Win7 and from the virtualxp I can access the drives on my old desktop and on the laptop (though I often need to map them before that works) but I cannot access the two partions (C and D drives) on my Win7 from either of the two other machines. Neither can I access the VirtualXP drive (virtual C) from any of the machines.
    How can I get stop getting the “Access denied” message from Win7 when I try from the XP machines?
    And, how can I set up the virtual C drive to be accessible on the network from all machines?
    Any suggestions?

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