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By wlcrouch ·
I'm sure this has been asked and answered many times before but recently our LAN refuses to recognize my computer (cannot share files or printers). I can connect to any other computer/printer on our network and no problems with accessing the internet. No other computers on our network can connect to me and they receive the message: "Error message when you try to access a Windows XP-based network computer You might not have permission to use this network resource."
We are all on XP SP3, firewalled with exceptions for file sharing and other items, static IP's on all computers.
I'm sure it's something simple. It just showed up after we had our cable modem replaced and a new router installed. We're hard wired on our LAN. Any help would be greatly appreciated by me and my boss!
Bill C

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Network access

Are you running the network on a Domain level, what happens when someone does the \\ipaddress\c$ to connect to your computer what error message do they get have you enabled file sharing on the network card as things like that?

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by wlcrouch In reply to OK....

We are not on a domain. There are actually two computers on our LAN which will not reply to \\ipaddress\c$. The error message indicates those computers cannot cannot be found on the network; others reply with a password screen. I'm running a Linksys LNE100TX fast ethernet card and it does not have a way (that I know of) to enable file sharing.

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