network adapter unplugged

By nyno1jetfan ·
I have a home network with roadrunner as the ISP. A d-Link router, one wired PC, a laptop (wireless) and a wired xbox 360. Last Friday everything worked fine. Saturday my son went to play xbox live and it keeps telling him the network adapter is unplugged. The PC and Laptop work fine and XBOX support is completely uselss.I tried resetting the modem and router, resetting the internet bridge and local area connection. I am at my wits end..any ideas??

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change ports

by w2ktechman In reply to network adapter unplugged

the router probably has a bad/dead port. Switch the 360 to a different port on the router.

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same networking as Vista...

by brookedillard In reply to network adapter unplugged

This could be a result of the newer networking protocols that Vista and X-Box Live use... They were developed to be compatible with each other. However, not many of the common household routers are. The problem may be a new feature called "scaling". I don't know how many times the XBox Live has connected in this network config. Was it a new addition to your home network? Just my 2 cents....

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by nyno1jetfan In reply to same networking as Vista. ...

No, i added my laptop about 4 months ago- but the X-box has been fine. My laptop does have Vista- but I think I'm going to look into a new router. Thanks!

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Check with DLink first

by IC-IT In reply to config

You may just need a firmware update. Which model and Revision do you have? What is the current firmware and how are you connected? Is the DLink set to have the Xbox in the DMZ? Here is a link to DLink support;

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fixed it!

by nyno1jetfan In reply to Check with DLink first

Thank you to all who tried to help- you'll never believe that the problem was as simple as he had not logged off when he played at his friends house- so it wouldn't let him "play" from two locations!!

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