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    by almiracruz ·

    my sister’s laptop is ACER ASPIRE 3690 , now it can’t be used with to internet because it’s broadcom network adapter are missed or corrupted (code39) as written in the troubleshoot box.. and now, i tried different drivers but all of them didn’t work .. can u suggest a link or name of drivers that i can install so that we can use the internet?.. then also instruct me what to do then? thank u so much !

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      by almiracruz ·

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      ACER ASPIRE 3690 drivers….

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      ACER ASPIRE 3690:

      Click on “Drivers and Utilities”.
      Then select “802.11bg Atheros XB63 wireless driver XP32_WHQL_5-3-0-35”.
      Now you will get a window showing the data to download just click on “OK”. Now go to your “download” section in your “My documents” and click on the download.
      This should now install your wireless driver.
      You might need to reboot your computer after this.

      Hope all goes well. 🙂

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        by almiracruz ·

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        excuse me sir , above anything else i would like to thank you for your reply.. anyway sir, i didn’t get u that much .. will u please instruct me in complete details?, ahm.. that driver and utilities stuff, where will i find that and , in my device manager , there’s no altheros wireless or anything , in the network adapter area, when i click it the broadcom 802.11bg is what i found and it has a problem on it, i tried updating it but theres always an error occuring .. so please help me and instruct me in full details .. thanks again 🙂

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          Acer can use several different bits of Hardware

          by oh smeg ·


          To do the same job in the one model. So they can have Broadcom, Altheros chips in the same model but the drivers are for different hardware.

          If you are getting a error message with the Broadcom Driver Installed that is telling you that that particular Driver is not the right one for your Hardware. You need to visit the Acer Web Site go to the Download Drivers part and enter the derails of this particular Computer along with it’s OS to get the correct drivers for that Model Range. That is here

          Then download the various WiFi Drivers and use something like the Unknown Device Identifier to work out what your WiFi Device Actually is.

          When you know what the Hardware for the Wireless Adapter is you unzip the Driver for that Hardware and install it by clicking on the [b]Setup.exe[/b] File while you are logged in with Administrator Privileges.


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          by almiracruz ·

          In reply to Acer can use several different bits of Hardware

          i tried several times going to that link , but it didn’t work for me.. i don’t know what to do.. (sigh!)it’s like this ..

          whenever i go to the network connection folder , of my sister’s laptop there’s nothing displayed unlike in my laptop you can see three connections, first the 1394 connection which is the net adapter connected here in my laptop to get an internet connection because i’m using a broadband then , the other one is the local area connection under that is broadcom netlink gigabit something like that and the wireless connection.. so i’m really confuse why in my sister’s laptop there’s nothing displayed , so i decided to go to the device manager and check for malfunctions and under network adapters there’s a yellow mark with the broadcom 802.11 something like that and when i try updating that driver it cannot be updated or rolled back because the driver is missing or corrupted .. then i try to search on internet of the driver using my laptop and a flash drive to install it in my sister’s laptop but they all didn’t work.. 🙁

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          Have you tried a different Browser

          by oh smeg ·

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          To look at the link to Acer?

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          by almiracruz ·

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          no, i only used google chrome .. . why? is there a difference ?

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          Yes there is a very big difference

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to no…

          It could be a corrupt Browser here or it may just be that the browser you are using doesn’t display that page.

          Not all Web Pages are created Equal and some will not even display in some web browsers.

          I suggest Firefox

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          Click the link he gave you first

          by seanferd ·


          then follow the instructions starting at the Acer support page.

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          by almiracruz ·

          In reply to Click the link he gave you first

          who ?..

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      Which OS is in use here?

      by oh smeg ·

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      It’s no good asking for drivers without the Computers Make & Model and OS type. But you can get the ACER Aspire 3690 Drivers directly from Acer here

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      Newor adapter on ACER ASPIRE 3690

      by prrethish ·

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      Download and install “unknown device identifier” program from the following link

      This will show u nic card chip no
      By using the network card number u can download driver

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