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By n.salooja ·
Hi, I currently work as a Help Desk person and was wondering what i can do to get into network admin position either with existing company or elsewhere. I have B.S. in Management Information Systems and currently working on my M.S. in Information Systems. I am also considering getting Network+ and MCSA certs. Any suggestions???

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by jbaker In reply to Network Admin

Try to get the current Network Admin to allow you to "sit-in" on upgrades, patches, and other jobs. Basically see if you can make yourself his or her "whipping boy" to get some experience. While certs can be a good thing, do not put all of your hopes in them.

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network adminatration

by n.salooja In reply to Experience.

I have asked him to involve me in projects like those but he hasnt been too much into it. I actually recently took this job after working for 4 1/2 years with other organization. At my other job i use to do everything from help desk to be IT manager.

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by angry_white_male In reply to Network Admin

Sounds like you're probably overqualified for the job you currently have. Get some certifications, update your resume and start looking for another job.

One thing about us network admins, we're VERY territorial - and perhaps a bit on the controlling side. But we have to be given that it's a tightly controlled environment. One mistake from a rookie and it can take days or weeks to recover.

Your best shot is at a large company with a large IT department where there's room to move. If you're in a smaller organization - odds are you'll be stuck in your current position for a long time.

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by n.salooja In reply to

Hi, Few people that i spoke to have told me the same thing that i am overqualified for my current job. I am going to start looking for another job with large IT department. I am currently studying for A+ and MCDST cert and once these are completed i will be starting with Network+ and MCSA cert. Hopefully that will get me into a better job.

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by jbaker In reply to experience

One problem with Help Desk positions is that once they see you as exclusively a help desk person, it is hard to break that mold. Since you have previous experience in Sys/NetAdmin I would concentrate my resume on that, and downplay the fact that you are almost exclusively doing help desk now.

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help desk

by n.salooja In reply to

Thanks. I think thats what i was lacking on my resume. I just wasnt sure if i was ready for it but i guess if i dont tell me what i know they wont know and continue to assume that i am exclusively a help desk person.

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Network Admin

by dtsonly2004 In reply to Network Admin

Move to India, China or some other country.

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by n.salooja In reply to Network Admin

Lol. Nah its ok i will pass on that though. i think there are plenty of jobs here in US. You just have to look at the right time and right place.

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