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Network Admin Vs Network engineer

By SB_NETManager ·
Network Admin Vs Network engineer

I have been a network administrator for 5 years. In that time I have designed, built and supported about 15 different networks. My question is what are the skill is set differences between a network Administrator and a Network Engineer. Looking at the job descriptions for network administrator and Network Engineer they appear very similar.
Can some one please give me a description of the differences between the two
Thank You

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As much as I can

by ghstinshll In reply to Network Admin Vs Network ...

Always search for jobs in both categories, as a lot of them are mis-posted into the other category... An admin is someone who runs the systems, or same as a systems administrator in my book. A Network Engineer is more of a WAN/CISCO kind of person who designs networks and protocol structure and security. If I were you and had both skills to some degree, then list them...

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network administrator Report

by oi_hoi_mc_malik In reply to Network Admin Vs Network ...

I will look into my chosen occupation, ensuring I cover all the key factors. I am a Unversity student taking Computer Networking as my major. I'm interested in becoming a Network Administrator. I'm experienced with Linux, Windows Server, LAN/WAN.

Can you send me information on how you have analysed this career in considerable detail and look at the employment context. Additionally you will need to comment on how suitable a career it would be for you. This reason you may be help to me a useful way of gaining inside information about an occupation or company is to interview people employed in that occupation or organisation.

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by johnnywatt In reply to Network Admin Vs Network ...

A Network Administrator and a Network Engineer, I think, play different roles depending on the organization. This applies to almost every title and job description in Information Technology (my opinion).
But, I would suggest you simplify things. A Network Engineer is a designer. This role would be someone in charge or directly involved with network design and network additions to an already existing network infrstructure. A Network Administrator is the role that simply administrates the network after creation. A Network Administrator will also do tapes backups, troubleshoot LAN applications and whatnot.

As an example of my first sentence, I am a Network Administrator who doesn't even touch a server. I troubleshoot end-user problems for a small organization. And yes, it's weak.

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Network Administrator vs. Network Engineer

by darby.weaver In reply to Simplify

I'll have to agree with one of the previous posters:

Network Administrator: A specialist whose primary duties are to install, opertate, and troubleshoot network infrastructure equipment.

Network Engineer: A specialist whose primary duties are to plan, specify, and design network infrastuctures. Note this person may also be called upon to perform the duties of a network adminsitrator. This title may also be referred to a Sr. Network Adminsistrator.

Now both of these titles can be differentiated from a Systems Administrator whose primary duties are typically inclusive of servers.

Another note is that titles do not necessarily dictate job functions, except in the largest of companies and even then they may not reflect one's actual duties.

Basically if one is interested in performing network work and not server work, then one really needs to read the job description and verify with the hiring manager the actual job duties to be performed.

They are not always the same. :)

-- I don't write the rules, I just read them...

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