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Network Admin with minimal experience needs help.

By brian ·
Can someone recommend which Microsoft Course would best suit this person?

They're using Windows Server 2000, and haven't looked into upgrading (yet). They have 4 servers in all. He has kinda grown into the position of the administrator and hasn't had any formal training. He knows the basics, ie assigning new users, passwords. He has been asked to start taking classes.

Anyone know which MOC class would be best for someone with this kind of minimal, self taught experience.

Thanks in advance.

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MOC Classes

by lovedr In reply to Network Admin with minima ...

Depending upon the level of experience, I'd start with either a Microsoft 2151 class (3 days) which is Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials or if he is somewhat comfortable in 2000 jump into the next one 2152 which is a 5 day course and is Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server. That's if you want the Microsoft course. You can learn the same thing at many junior colleges now in a semester for very little money but it takes the whole semester. For the quick run, the 3 or 5 day will get their feet wet and give them the book to study and refer to. I think your profile said you are in New York. I know of someone who attended the Microsoft classes at a New Horizons center and they have locations in New York but the classes weren't cheap. Hope this helped.

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by brian In reply to MOC Classes

I talked with him...the 2151 & 2152 I thought would work at first...but he's got a few years under his belt and he seemed to know most of the basics...he was under estimating himself... so we decide to go with 2154 - Implementing and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services... it seems a good fit....I talked with our instructor on this and he agreed.

Thanks alot for your help...I'm still getting my feet wet as you can see.

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Don't skip the intro class

by jdclyde In reply to MOC Classes

A self taught tech will learn many things better than the classroom hand feed techs, but they will often miss out on very basic steps that can save them time and their job down the road.

Start and get a firm grasp on the fundamentals of being an administrator, not just admin-by-default. Without the basics, is how you get so many really BAD admins out there now making the rest of us look badly.

Even if the whole first day is review, the other two days are bound to be a big help, and will keep him from bring lost when he gets to step two.

And yes, New Horizons is just about everywhere and does hire many excellent isntructors.

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I agree...don't skip the intro

by lovedr In reply to Don't skip the intro clas ...

I'd have to agree not to skip the intro class. Some I've talked to said it was a waste of their time because they knew it already and the cost was high and it wasn't paid by their company. But I think they may have been arrogant about their experience too. I think you can learn something new or at least brush up even if you have some knowledge. If nothing else it gets you ready for how the next classes will be taught and how to get the most out of the classes. I also think it is good if you are not strong in TCP/IP. The info in the 3 day class about subnetting was valuable to me.

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Your a training account rep and you need to ask this?

by jdclyde In reply to Network Admin with minima ...

Your a training account rep and you need to ask this?

Is there really a "friend" that needs advice?

Why didn't you send him to your own shop?

As an account rep, why aren't you the one telling us which classes should be taken?

I could be wrong, but after looking at your profile this looks a little suspect.

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Me too, Me too!

by djameson In reply to Your a training account r ...

It must be a measure of the QUALITY of the training they provide if they provide Crisco training and M$ but won't send a friend there.
Tell him to come to my House, I'll show him everything including the basics for ummmmmm ...
10 Grand.

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Try Vista 101

by jamesjurden In reply to Network Admin with minima ...

It change so freqently that you might as well start taking them all. The Client and Server specific courses always have common material so you are good to go with those.

Thanks, James

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by salexandrea In reply to Network Admin with minima ...

Brian although the temptation to go to one of a boot camp course (especially in New York with Global Knowledge on 6th Avenue) is tempting -- don't do it. I suggest a basic and adv. system admin class to start you off. There are number of MS partners that offer sys admin classes- especially in NY. You can go to the MS site and search for training (
They typically run 5 days per course. Practice what you Learn is my moto -- which means whatever you learn in school -- try to set up your own environment be it at the office or at home. Your corp. information security office may frown on setting up your own network at the office so I suggest you dig up an 'old' router and attempt to set up your own environment that is seperate from your corp network .. or get one of the comm. guys to hook you up with a seperate network .. it IS necessary to have a testing environment that mimics what you have in production. Hope this helps

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