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Network Admin with minimal experience needs help.

By brian ·
Can someone recommend which Microsoft Course would best suit this person?

They're using Windows Server 2000, and haven't looked into upgrading (yet). They have 4 servers in all. He has kinda grown into the position of the administrator and hasn't had any formal training. He knows the basics, ie assigning new users, passwords. He has been asked to start taking classes.

Anyone know which MOC class would be best for someone with this kind of minimal, self taught experience.

Thanks in advance.

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MOC Classes

by B-MORE In reply to Network Admin with minima ...

Look for a good teacher first but if you can find a good MCSA or MCSE program that would be the ticket I am sure he would learn alot

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by DeN inc. In reply to MOC Classes

i'd say MCSE...

although i've not taken one myself =>

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by brian In reply to MOC Classes

thanks B-more.... I checked out the MCSA "new to IT" links through the Microsoft site and found a good course for him. Thanks for help.

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Some of the hands on classes will help

by lnewton In reply to MOC Classes

Microsoft has some very low cost hands on traing courses that could be helpful. In addition to the knowledge you'll get in the one day session, you'll meet some pros from your area. You'll have to move fast because they are discontinuing the classes soon. Check

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Take these

by Schema In reply to Network Admin with minima ...

Send your admin to a bootcamp classroom environment and have them take the following three courses and they should be pretty well set to handle a modern AD network environment:

Microsoft Certification Course 2209: Updating Systems Administrator Skills from Microsoft Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Certification Course 2126: Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment

Microsoft Certification Course 1560: Updating Support Skills from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000 (Advanced Server Training)

Hopefully they have alread had this one?
Microsoft Certification Course 922: Supporting Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Core Technologies

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by noelokell In reply to Network Admin with minima ...

A basic Microsoft Certified Administrator course. This would be adaquate to get started, he can then use these courses to upgrade at some point to MCSE if the needs require more networking type training.

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