Network Administration

By Zivayi ·
I have recently started a new job as a network administrator for a school and have no idea where to start in regards to compiling reports and discovering the nity grity details of the network..Any tips on how to do this??

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by mamies In reply to Network Administration

I would start with the routers. I would be documenting all of the rules that are set in the router. Only because if a router falls over you are going to need to be able to remake all of the rules and this way it is quick and easy.

Then I would also document what is on each server, all the way from what services are installed to what IP address the server uses.

Thats a start anyway :)

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Network Map

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Network Administration

Try to use a network scanner application to draw a map for the network, so you will know how your network is connected, and what devices are connected to the network (routers, switches, firewalls, ...)
There is a lot of free and commercial application for that, use Google.

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Network Monitoring Software

by Zivayi In reply to Network Map

What software Monitoring software is out there that is free and easy to use so far i have found a few but the all need $$.

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Here are some tools.

by Ron K. In reply to Network Monitoring Softwa ... <br>
A Google search using the keywords 'open source network tool' returns 69,000,000 hits. Surely there's something you can use.

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Network Monitoring Softwa ...

I use 3Com Network Supervisor, commercial one.
But check inside they have a lot of good applications.
And they are free :)

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