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By curtis_lawson ·
What type of certification do I require to become a Network Administrator?

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Good Question

by eujay In reply to Network Administrator

Good Question.

I too have a goal to be a network administrator and/or Webmaster.

The first question is what kind of Operating sytem(s) are on the network. Once this is defined then other things will fall into place.

I work as part of the network admin team on a hp unix network. So far no one person has been defined as the administrator. My direction is networking and Unix. If it was Windows NT then there would be a different path.

I think that you need to look at the network and then ask what task(s) need to be done by the administrator. This might narrow things down a bit.

I think other things might also come into it if you want to be an administrtaor. These are the people responsible for keeping it all running. So if thenetwork goes down at 1.30 a.m. on a Sunday morning guess who gets called to get it back up again.

Are you will ing to travel and work in another location sometimes, (like to put a loopback on a line out in the boonies).

Are you reliable and can you delegate work to others...So many questions

Let me know what kind of network you are aiming for.

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