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By clintoni ·
I have a windows network with 18 workstations and 1 windows 2003 server. My server is a pentuim 4, 3.0ghz with 2gb ram. At certain times in a week my workstations cannot print to 1 of my dotmatrix printer. Once you click on print on the application nothing prints out of the printer until i restart the server. Can anyone tell me how i can resolve this problem.

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Add lots more RAM to the Server for Starters

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Network Administrator

If it can carry any more.

Then limit what the server is actually doing, when it is busy Print Jobs can disappear.

Also depending on the Topology of the Network you may require more CAL's to allow the hardware to properly connect to the Server to do what is required.


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Re-installation could work

by dxmatrix In reply to Network Administrator

Try increasing the size of the spooler and check the amount of printed documents kept, delete them they could be taking up space for other jobs to be spooled.Or try Uninstalling the printer and re-install it again.

Server computer deserve a faster printer too (i.e. bubblejet or laserjet) take this into consideration also...

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a little more info plz

by Thadin In reply to Network Administrator

hey bro

how many ppl are connecting to this dotmatrix ? are you mapping it via a jet direct ? are there any other printers that are causing issues ?

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