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network administrator job description

By LouisG ·
I need to put together a job description for a network administrator. I have a very good Idea of what I need to include, however, I would like to know if someone has one already done that I can use as reference to make sure I do not miss anything.

Thank you

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by Cactus Pete In reply to network administrator job ...

Try, they have a lot of descriptions there.

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Let em write their own

by Oz_Media In reply to Lots

I actually wrote my own. I justified it to my previous employer by saying at least that way he sees that I have a good understanding of the work needed and this way he can see exactly what I'm willing to bring to the table. I also wrote my own contract, as my job description was over and above what he expected, he didn't read my contract (just the dollars) and completely missed that I refused to work Fridays. He signwed it and I had a year of four day workweeks before I was politely asked to revise it next tmie around (at which point I quit and worked for his competitors).

So letting people write their own job description is something I learned in the mid 90's, it is a EXCELLENT way to get people to seriously think about what they can offer and for you to see what they are prepared to take on as a job description, obviously you can go over it and ammend it with them but it saves a LOT of surprises.

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Try Standard Descriptions

by SMS-DC.COM In reply to Let em write their own

You may want to try standard descriptions. Here is an example (taken from
Network Administrator (IT -- Networking)
Installs, configures and maintains organization's network. Builds networks and maintains external and internal web presence, administers the networks. Performs system backups on its internal and external web network servers. Designs and supports server system(s) and supporting software. May require a bachelor's degree in a related area and 0-2 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Works under immediate supervision. Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment. Typically reports to a project leader or manager.

More than likely there will be more to the job description to this (I.E. weekly staff meetings, upgrade, and disaster recovery plans), but like a gentelman said eairler the best was to get an exact description is to have the canidate to write the job description.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Try Standard Descriptions

If I had it that easy as a network admin I would have stayed on as a F/T employee.

"Primary job functions do not typically require exercising independent judgment."

You mean like a drone? Good employee, for someone else's company maybe.

I don't know how or where these websites come up with these "standards" as every company and every net admin has a different job requirement and description based on the company's size and needs.

When I was a Net Admin, I also was in charge of ALL advertising, web design, promotions, marketing. Hardware purchases, VERY independant decision making etc. I suppose that based on the guidelines you had copied above, I was not really a net admin whatsoever, I guess my cards were a misprint.

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No Oz,

by voldar In reply to WOW

you were more like an IT manager rather than a "simple" Network Administrator. I should know better that, because I did the same things you said, but I was called "network admin". What about the jobs on "SQL administrator" etc.
What I face now, is the fact that many people here, in Montreal, consider that being network administrator you can not provide reliable desktop support - what a BS! I did that and even more - trained the users - but yes, once, someone came out to me with a question like: "Did you also provided desktop support also?", smilling at me like a ... (you put the word).
And yes, let me also say, it is better the "manager" or "a member of the team" to right down the "job description", at least, he is supposed to know what he realy wants.

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by voldar In reply to No Oz,

read right down as wright down.
And also, if someone is not able to "create" his own "job description", maybe he has to "study" more what he realy does at work.

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Just to help

by Oz_Media In reply to ps

You corrected yourself with the use of wright as opposed to right.

I believe you meant 'write' as in to pen something.

I don't ususally make a habit of correcting grammar here, I'm not one to talk but I know it is something you are trying to pay attention to as it is not your first language. Please accept this without feeling I am taking a pot shot at your grammar, you know I commend you on your command of English.

as far as me being an IT manager instead of a netadmin, this all started when I was hired, they asked me to write out a job description and tell them what I could do for them. I then used previous knowledge to build promo and ads as needed, sales tools, taught sales techniques to their reps. etc. As always I found myself a Jack of all trades agai, I just can't seem to do ONE thing, I get too bored. So on my cards they just said Network Administrator but cheif, cook and bottle washer would have worked too. Personally I HATE titles, they are simply a way of segregating yourself from others. It's like companies that want you to call the boss Mr. or Mrs. instead of Jack or Jill, my theory is "get bent" you can use MY first name but I have to address you with some form of higher respect? **** off, and who the **** do you think you are you stuck up idiot of a loser. People that run companies and put themselves ABOVE the staff who keep their company operating and productive are just way off base in my opinion and I simply will not work for them.

A manager at one of my current contracts is listed in my addy book as A**hole (uncensored) all my mail to him is addressed to A**hole, he lives with it because he knows I am not going to bow to him and kiss his butt like some of his employees do. At least he can determine my email from SPAM, they use real spoofed names.

Bottom line I guess, if you think you're all that great, you will work alone perpetually because nobody else is gonna but it.

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by voldar In reply to ps

This is realy embarassing - sorry - when you make a mistake, it's human, when you make TWO on the row, well .. I say no more about me.
Of course Oz, I am not the all mighty, but well, I know what I know. Should I hide what I know to have a job? That was another discussion I wanted to start here, but well, ... I think is not the best timming.

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You've never read my posts??

by Oz_Media In reply to ps

You say to make two mistakes in a row...
Well, I often make two mistakes oer sentence for an entire post. People either get used to it or simply stop reading them, either way I had my say and couldn't care less how it is received.

Don't worry about it, ALL mistakes are okay unless you make them specifically to **** someone off, which I know you don't.

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network administrator job description

by collen.gillen In reply to Let em write their own

Have a look at this link: The Network Administrator Site.

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