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By Bratt ·
I need to find a good software that I can use to pull statistical reports for our network. For example which IP address downloads the most, how long they are at website ect. I have recently discovered that alot of our users are surfing not working. I would like to try and weed out the slackers so the rest of the people who use the internet on their breaks don't get punished. I was asked to research this by the systems administrator but all I come up with is spyware and I only want to see statistics not play big brother any ideas?

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A possible solution

by douglas In reply to Network analysis

I work for a company that makes a solution that may work for you. Sorry for the commercial, but I ran across your post looking for an answer to another problem.

We make a protocol analyzer called Observer that has a mode called "Internet Patrol". It shows each user, what sites they visited, when they were first there and last there. Observer does this in real-time, or stores the data in a Trending database. The product does allot than just that, but it seems to fit what you are looking for. If you are interested, you can get more info at Hope that helps.

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Another option

by tbragsda In reply to Network analysis

Im sure the software the other poster suggested is great, but to give you some options.

Look at surfcontrol. I have used this for several years now, and its very good. Can work passive, or active (blocking) etc.

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Open Source offering

by Choppit In reply to Network analysis

I use SARG on a Squid proxy.
SARG generates HTML reports which can be diaplayed by timeslot, transfer, host, site visited etc.

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by gammaw In reply to Network analysis

Do you have a firewall in place? If not, why not get an ISA server firewall? That way you can tighten security AND get all the logs you need. I'm just getting familiar with ISA, so excuse my enthusiasm. It's also great fun to throw the logs into a DB and get creative with reports!

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by Bratt In reply to ISA?

I will check that out.


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