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    Network and Domain


    by jonbprofeta ·


    We have about 25 PCs here in our company, we do have a firewall but we do not have any Domain server. Our workgroup is as defined by Microsoft. I would like to know how to create multiple WorkGroups even if we don’t have any domain server, how can I make them friends? Please help me…

    We use switch on our network, one part of it is the Quality Assurance Switch, it has 4 workstations.
    Here is the scenario…
    QAS 4 is a new PC connected to our network
    QAS 1,2 and 3 arePCs already connected to our network…

    All of them can browse our network, and we can see them, one problem is QAS 1,2 and 3 cannot browse QAS 4, and QAS 4 also cannot browse or open QAS 1,2,3…QAS 1 and 2 is Windows 98,QAS 3 is Windows 2000 Prof. Eng. while QAS 4 is Windows 2000 Profe. Jap., please help me what will i do


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