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Network Applications Running Slow

By khalid ·
I have Novell Netware 6.5 as a server and Windows XP pro and home clients. The XPs are running Novell client for windows XP 4.83 SP2 and 4.90 SP2. Eversince i have installed Novell 6.5 my network applications like creative solutions and Profx system(a tax program) has been running extremely slow. After since i installed Nortron Antivirus on client computers the programs have gone drastically slow. I tried to disable the Antivirus software but there was not a significant change in speed. Anyone know why the network applications are running slow and the local applications are running normal?

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by ninet4 In reply to Network Applications Runn ...

Antivirus Real-time protection can cause applications to run slowly. Especially across a network. Most commonly slow network issues are a result of duplexing issues. Verify your servers and clients are connecting at 100MB/s Full Duplex. At a minimum it is generally good practice to hard set these values on your servers and the switches they connect to.

Network throughput issues are generally layer 1 thru 3 problems, and are rarely the result of the application level.

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by BudTheGrey In reply to Network Applications Runn ...

[pet peeve]
"novell" is a company. "NetWare" is the product
[/pet peeve]

1) make sure the Norton AV is set to NOT scan remote (network) resources.

2) Did you do a default or custom installation of the NetWare client? If default, un-install it, reboot, and re-install as a custom installation.

2a) configure it to only use the IP protocol (presuming this is a new NetWare server, and not upgraded from an earlier version that used IPX. If you are using IPX on the server, then install the client as IPX only.

3) disable client-side file caching. Look in the advanced settings in NetWare client properties.

4) hard code the settings for your network card for speed and duplexing. SOme cards don't auto-negotiate well. Sometimes half duplex is actually faster than full duplex because it allows handshaking.

5) Are these apps based on MS Access or jet databases, or perhaps Foxpro? Such apps require a large amount of file lock capacity on the server, so you may need to increase those numbers on the server

Hope this helps

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by pierrejamme In reply to Network Applications Runn ...

BudtheGrey as usual is right on.

Can you even connect with the XP Home boxes, I didn't think that possible.
When you say Norton Anitivirus I hope you are using a Server Antivirus program. You should configure your Server Antivirus program to exclude the following:
database programs, Sys:_Swap_.mem, sys:backout.tts and _admin:
It should also be shutdown when running tape backups in off hours and should only scan incoming during the remaining hours
Have you configured SLP? Very helpful for IP only.
When you do custom client installs, deselect NMAS unless you understand it completely.

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by WanabeDrSean In reply to Network Applications Runn ...

if you run any antivirus on the server you mioght try to disable level 2 oplocks you do this by command line or on the netware manager (website) for your server if you also have slow file transfer this will speed that up also. Mcaffee netshield is notorius fore this

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by WanabeDrSean In reply to
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by Why Me Worry? In reply to Network Applications Runn ...

just a guess, but you may need to adjust some parameters on the server like increasing the maximum packet size and/or the cache buffer settings

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