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Network Assessment Form/Template

By anointed_danny ·
I need to a network assessment for a client, i need a template or form or script that can be used to collect and assessment the current state of a network and give recommendations please help email

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Depends on what it is you want to do but something here may help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Network Assessment Form/T ...
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Network infrastructure assessment

by dmyles In reply to Network Assessment Form/T ...

Typically these document templates are hard to come by and not easily available as there are no standards, just something that worked for someguy, who gave the template to a friend and it travelled, etc. When I do them I break the network into pieces and attack that way: Physical network, makes, models, etc. Server types and functions, installed OS' + SP levels, core functions. Desktop types and builds, standard apps, baseline images (if they have one), then soft stuff like server warranty's, network gear warranty's, health check's of core system components. Last, security. Security is a common thread which runs through every aspect of networking from desktop to firewall. Address infrastructre layer issues only. Lastly, a report with technical infroamtion regarding server, switches, speeds, feeds, networking info. Mini-report at high level indicating results of assessment, follow up with remediation (but dont remediate at the time of the assessment) and recommendations. Tie everything together into a document package with associated network diagram and there you go. Not hard work, just tedious as you touch every area of the environment. You really need to be organized to do a good assessment.

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