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Hello Everyone, Im an IT guy but not focused really on networking and here is my scenario.. I have a Cisco ISA550 security router that is DHCP server enabled on LAN. I am experiencing problems on running out of IP addresses reaching my maximum Class C subnet (192.168.2.x) I am thinking of re-subnetting a Class B network to increase number of IP's (as everyone always suggest) but soon as I verify first to Cisco Vendor if my device is capable, they have just advised me to buy their ASA series which can handle more clients than the ISA.(thinking it might just be a marketing strategy) I also have a Windows Server 2008r2 running but DHCP role is inactive. Is it also a good way to turn this role active and just create a superscope to resolve my IP problems and turning off the DHCP server on the ISA?

Never tried this 2 ideas before so appreciate if someone can give me a solution on which of the two is more appropriate thing to do.

P.S. Sorry for bad English :) cheers!

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