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By mike_hutchison ·
We are currently looking for an option to backup our network. Currently running a dell p2600 server with 6 desktops. Im thinking the best option would be a tape backup so I can have something off site if something were to ever happen to the building. We currently have the ability to store upto 160G of info. Of course, with time, that figure will increase. I dont understand teh difference between the different classes/types of tape dirves.

Any ideas?


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by maxwell edison In reply to Network backup

Another option. I'm probably in the minority, but with no more than 160GB of data (about the same as me), I have a couple of removable hard drive bays for my data, and I don't use tape backup. The hard drive slides into and out of the rack in about a second, and I can carry it out of the office for our off-site backup. I have three of them that I rotate, so I always have a couple of generations of data.

Personally speaking, I find it much easier to manage data between hard drives compared to the cumbersome aspects of tapes.

Also, I'm planning to do off-site backup through my VPN. If I take the data on a hard drive to begin with, and put it into a remote machine, doing incremental backups a couple of times a day over the VPN wouldn't take very long at all.

Just some thoughts.

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by jim brown In reply to Network backup

I'm with maxwell edison, we use USB caddies, we also we use laplink to sync the two drives rather than using Nt backup, this way it's more a warm copy rather than a backup copy.

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by wolfman_20601 In reply to Network backup

I feel the same way about removable drives...we currently use a NetDisk which can be either USB connect or Direct connect to a network via ethernet...alot less headache and meees then using tape...

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