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Network Backup software

By sparkcad ·
Please share your experiences and knowledge on the backup software.
We have been looking into three backup software: Arcserve, Netvault, and Backup exec for our network backup software.

Can anyone please tell me which backup software you prefer from the three and why. Please make it detail as possible, good and bad. Also, please rate the other two softwares.

We are in process of searching for the right network backup software that will allow us to monitor our backup through WAN and allow us to create a recovery disk incase se of server meltdown with minimal time.

thank you in advance,

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Backup exec

by Oz_Media In reply to Network Backup software

I have used Veritas Bckup exec for some years now on multiple sites, I LOVE it because it is stable and reliable. I have NEVER had an issue with it that wasn't a simple resolve.

I remote network for a couple of clients, I work from my home, therefore stability is the MAIN interest when I am purchasing software.

It backs up the files to DAT, it runs seamlessly and never crashes.

ARC Serve, played with it on one site, after it was out of date, they upgraded to Veritas BUPExec and it has run lfawlessly, tey said the ArcServe was problematic and their last admin was always at it, whether or not this was the admin's fault I don't know.

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Backup Exec

by Corrielein In reply to Network Backup software

I too have been using Veritas Backup Exec for a couple of years and have had no trouble with it. It is simple to use and seems to do just whats needed! No experience of the other 2 I'm afraid.

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Another vote for Backup Exec

by stress junkie In reply to Network Backup software

Actually I used Veritas Datacenter Backup for over
three years in a medium sized environment. It ran
extremely well the whole time that I was using it.
Extremely configurable as far as creating groups of
backup clients and scheduling backups for each group.
I used it on Tru64 as the backup server with a robotic
jukebox. It was a dream come true. I also made a
bunch of Unix scripts to create copies of the backups
and eject them for off site storage and other scripts to
create reports of backups.

I also used Arcserve on a Windows 2000 backup server.
It required more attention than the Veritas even
though it had only a fraction of the clients. It wasn't
really bad but it wasn't nearly as good as the Veritas.

Also if you have multiple platforms, MS and Unix and
VMS, then the Veritas is the only software that will do it

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