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By nigele2 ·
I'm just getting into some bandwidth cals and I wondered if anyone could comment on my aopproach. I would appreciate it.

I'm trying to calculate bandwidth for a max of 133 users per hour over a 2 mbit vpn for a .net applic.

I measured the latency by ping = 150 msec.

Then I captured some network traces of specific transactions and calculated needing per hour to handle:

-- w/o compression or caching -- with compression and caching
message pairs -- 37082 -- 21505
packets client to server -- 70046 -- 53113
packets server to client -- 170255 -- 135753
bytes client to server -- 64835344 -- 7336108
bytes server to client -- 207190555 -- 33739835

What I would like is some guidance as to how to develop an algorithm to say if the current link would work and what the average message pair response time would be. Can I simply multiply and total up based on message pairs or do I have to take into account that a message pair with many packets will have a noticeable delay.

I guess another way of putting it: are the simple models you find lying around the net good enough or does the problem need a more complex approach?

Any input gratefully received.

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