Network bridge or repeater

By Fressi ·
Hi, I live in a 2 story house, with 1 wireless router "Zyxel prestige 660HW-61", 1 desktop computer and 3 laptops which are all connected through wireless connections to that router. The problem that I am facing is that the router has to be on the second floor which causes no connectivity on the first floor. I was told to buy an Access point, and that we did. We bought "Trendnet wireless G Access Point TEW-430APB" that can be access point, access point client, bridge or a repeater. Now I am finding it hard to connect the router and the access point. Can somebody help me or guide me through this progress?

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Do as guide says...

by BizIntelligence In reply to Network bridge or repeate ...

I have read the user guide for Trendent wireless G Access Point TEW-430APB. As per guide you should use it as repeater. I am not sure if it will work with Zyxel.As it will act as only repeater so there should not be any problem. Read guide to see how you can setup it up as repeater.

Cheers !

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Did as the guide said...

by Fressi In reply to Do as guide says...

I think I followed the instructions carefully but I couldn?t log in to the trendnet access point via

I connected the Trennet Access Point to My Zyxel router with a RJ45 cable. And then the WLAN light went on, but the LAN light was flashing. Then I checked, as the manual said, if the cable was firmly feed to the RJ45 port, which it was. So I went online to see if Trendnets knowledge base knew something of this type of problem.
And they did:

but then I couldn?t understand what they are talking about, so I?m stop at this point.

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if i'm readin this correctly u plugged to WLAN on second device

by computechdan In reply to Did as the guide said...

repeater mode does not use a cable to connect the two devices, it uses site survey application to find the first device, provided it is in wireless range

in AP mode the cable between the two devices should be on a LAN port at both ends, not in the WLAN

in AP mode the WLAN port is not used on the second device nor should it be setup as a DHCP server.

it should be configured with same ssid, channel, and security as the first device and is usually assigned a static LAN address that is not in the DCHP range nor a duplicate of the first device

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repeater mode does not need a cable

by BizIntelligence In reply to if i'm readin this correc ...

computechdan is right.

It seems that you have not read the user guide properly. The manual does not show anything about setting your AP in repeater mode. Page 23 of user guide shows how to setup your AP in repeater mode. You can download it from link that I provided in my first post.

I never configured this device so I can only see the screen shot and tell you. Its better you should read user guide.

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