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Network Browsing Difficulties

By mrcisco ·
I co-adminstrate a small company LAN that consists of 8 machines (7 running W2K 5.00.2195 and one running WinXP PRO). We have an ISDN connection with 12 static IP's assigned to the account and 4 upstairs computers are connected to the 4 downstairs computers via 2 10/100 switches.

The problem we're running into is this: The machines UPSTAIRS can see and browse the machines DOWNSTAIRS but not vice-versa. At anyone of the downstairs machines I can see all the PCs on the LAN but when I go to explore them I get one of the following messages on aregular basis:
1. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available,
2. No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as this computer can accept, or
3. The server is not configured for transactions.

Now, we do not run a domain server so I am somewhat confused as to what server the error message is referring to. NetBEUI is also installed and I'm wondering if this is even necessary. Are there any default settings I need to check or change in order for all the PCs to be able to "explore" each other?


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Same senrio here

by wgp_enoch In reply to Network Browsing Difficul ...

We have the same situation here at my work. I have done everthing I know how to do to make it work but have failed. I have dug into piles of MS documents. I have uninstalled everything and put it back in.

If I come up with a solution I will post it here. If someone else knows what to do please help us both!

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by lcampbell In reply to Same senrio here

I dont' work with workgroups often, so forgive me if i miss this one.
It seems to me that this is a permissions issue. Have you made sure ALL the users and PC's involved have the proper permissions to connect to each other?
Also, TCP/IP and File and Printer Sharing need to be installed i believe.

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Network Browsing Difficulty

by jaxjazzy In reply to Network Browsing Difficul ...

Hello mrcisco

Being that you're using W2K, I'm sure you're using AD,
You may have already did this, but take a look at 1. group policies in gpo editor
2. script policies for the downstairs PCs
3. security configurations

I don't think you need NETBEUI

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by klbingeman In reply to Network Browsing Difficul ...

sounds like you are running the computers in a workgroup; I would recommend to use TCPIP on all PC's and servers. Additionally, you should be using a domain for the environment. Since you have Windows 2000 servers you would install Active Directory and DNS. DHCP will help you as well by automatically giving the PC an address.

If you set these up properly, your problems will go away.

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no info regarding server here

by lcampbell In reply to Network Browsing Difficul ...

I see no information regarding the use of Server 2K in this post.
They are running a workgroup. Permissions on the local machines is the issue.

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