Network browsing issues.

By jjd226 ·
I am the new network technician at my company, and the network has some odd problems that I am not really sure how to diagnose.

The biggest problem that I can see right now is that there is no way for anyone here to browse the network. If I know the path, or the ip address I can get to any machine on the network, but simply looking for a server using the browse feature does not work.

Someone had told me that it may be an issue between a vista Virtual machine, and the server that is in charge of the domain. He seems to think that the Vista ultimate virtual machine is trying to take away domain rights from our server, which I believe is a SuSe box.

I am not sure how the Vista unit would be doing it, and if it is how to stop it from occurring. I don't get much time to spend with either the server, or the virtual machine running vista yet unfortinitely, so there is not much I can tell you about the configuration of either machine, but if anyone may be able to point me in a direction, or at least give me some ideas to start with it would be greatly appreciated.

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