Network cable laying

By amazon3d2 ·

I had a question about laying network cable between two buildings, about 30-50ft.

Do I need to be licensed to lay the cable underground and if so what licensing would I need?

Also what would the best method be.

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Doubt it

by Jbencsik In reply to Network cable laying

If you're just laying Cat 5 you should be all set. I wouldn't recommend burying Cat5 UTP network cable underground though. At minimum, you need to lay down some PVC pipe and run the cable through that.

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Cable type

by amazon3d2 In reply to Doubt it

Well I was considering getting burial cable (ticker and (ithink) shielded). I would also be running ~1200-1500VA surge protectors on each side of it.

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As for licensing......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Network cable laying

Since no country/state/county/city licensing requirements are the same, check with your local building code official or their equivalent. They can tell you if licensing is required to pull that type of cable. And, actually, they'll probably let you pull all the cable you want without a license. They may event tell you what kind/size to pull and what to put outside of it. It's the part when you connect it at each end that requires the "knowledge" (license).

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by amazon3d2 In reply to As for licensing......

Yea, I had thought about going and doing that.
I have run RJ45 internally and it is a lot easier then I thought it would be, seems the hardest cables to run are the 1-2ft ones. Thanks for the input.

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