Network Cable Unplugged

By lbombardier ·
Returned from vacation to find BOTH computers on my network with the message "network cable unplugged". Have read many posts on this site and to no avail. Have changed the fios wireless router, network cables, changed pci slots, rebooted, unplugged, change media speed, run ipconfig disconnected, no lights on NIC's. even reloaded the chipset driver. Running XP

Can anyone solve kill this beast? or am I off wires forever?

Thanks Lee B.

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If you have

by cmiller5400 In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

If you have changed out the switch/router and changed the network cables, next thing is the network card...

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No lights on cards?

by Kenone In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

Plug a card directly into your modem/router, no lights? Blown card or cable. Sounds like there was a lightning event very nearby while you were away. You would be lucky to get away with just a couple of fried NICs.

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No Lights

by lbombardier In reply to No lights on cards?

no lights on cards ---cable ok, laptop connects with existing cable routers etc.

Trying a new card tonite!

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try these things...

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

1. if you have a crossover cable, connect the two pcs together. give both pcs static IPs, one and the second with the same subnet. no dns or gateway necessary. if the two can ping each other, than there's nothing wrong with the nics.
2. you have fios. i'm not familiar with that but make sure there's nothing wrong with the connection to your house.
3. you have a friend who could bring over a laptop or desktop and try connecting their computer to your network?

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Shot in the dark

by seanferd In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

edit: No lights on cards? My suggestion is probably not valid. (Sorry, missed that bit.)

Make sure that there is no possible radio source near the wireless router (cordless phone, etc.). Leave only the primary computer cable-connected to the router. You may need to cycle power on the router, or possibly reset the config. Now try to log in to the router, or use a setup program, if provided. If you get into the router, turn off the wireless and set your network up again.

I'm not entirely sure why, but I had the same issue on the first setup of my router. Something had the router expecting a wireless connection, even though I had cable connected, and wireless could not have possibly been set up yet (cable required for first config of wireless). I was unable to get into the router to set it up until I removed power from a nearby cordless phone.

Like I said, it's a shot in the dark.

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Quick test

by Jacky Howe In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

Try pinging your localhost IP to see if that works on the PC's. If it doesn't then there's a fault with the Network card and it will have to be replaced.

Click Start, Run and type in cmd click OK or press Enter. At the command prompt type in <b>ping</b> and press Enter.

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