Network Cable Unplugged

By bodnartl ·
Last week my kids computer gave me a "network cable unpluged" even though the computer's network cable was still plugged in.

The computer was using the NIC built into the ASUS A8V MB. So I installed a linksys TNC100TX PCI NIC and it worked fine for about a week. I assumed the MB NIC went bad.
Today I got the same error on the linksys NIC. Tried rebooting and the computer no longer recognizes the NIC. Card is plugged in, but windows doesn't see it. I tried different PCI slots and same problem.

I swapped out for a D-Link DFE-528TX NIC. Computer recognizes the NIC, but it still says "network cable unplugged"

I tried swapping cables and ports on the router. no luck. I can use the same cable/port on a second desktop and my laptop and they connect no problem.

I tried reinstalling windows. no luck.

The MB NIC and the D-LINK NIC can ping so NIC should be working.

I tried three different cables. no luck (all three work with other PCs)

Tried a linksys befw11s4 router. no luck. (router works fine with laptop)

Read an article on another site about RF interference messing up network cables so I moved the PC, still no luck. (my desktop is only 3' away and its working fine)

DHCP services are running so hmm.

appreciate any help you can provide

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by w2ktechman In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

if you have a firewall installed, turn it off. Is the problem still there?

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no firewall

by bodnartl In reply to Firewall

there was, but it's gone after WIN XP pro re-install(vanilla, no SPs no install CD)

currently no firewall

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Open up My Network Places

by w2ktechman In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

find Local Area Connection
is it disabled or bridged?

If so, re-enable it or remove the bridge.

is Wireless on, some systems can have issues if there is a wireless signal and the LAN is plugged in. Solution, turn off wireless adapter (disable).

Is TCPIP present? Could someone be downloading a virus/malware? Run antispyware and antivirus

was anything added recently? Unplug other external HW devices, except keyboard, mouse, monitor, LAN.

Is it working now?

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strange behavior

by bodnartl In reply to Open up My Network Places

NIC is not disabled nor bridged, yet it says no cable connected

- no wireless

- yes TCP/IP is present

- loaded norton A/V and did a SCAN nothing found

- nothing added. unpluged DVD drive. no change

** New Status** - i uninstalled the NIC (removed drivers in windows), shut down, removed card (physically), booted to windows, shut down, installed card, booted to windows, installed drivers. (several times)

now when windows boots it says "no cable connected" however if i disable and then enable the NIC, it connects just fine to my router. why would not boot up with the NIC working, but disabling and enabling the NIC makes it work?

I think its somehow related to earlier prob, but not sure

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by w2ktechman In reply to strange behavior

well, there are a few things that can cause this.
First suspect is a SW issue. I have seen some 'logon helper' SW programs cause this kind of problem, so I am sure there are other programs out there as well.
Basically, if a program takes over your TCP/IP then it can fail in this way. Look through your services and see if there are any un-needed SW at bootup. Try disabling these and then boot and see if it continues.

If it is a HW issue, maybe the PCI ports are not getting powered properly, or are faulty

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

Go into the bios and check that the settings for your lan card are enabled.

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yep. NIC enabled in bios

by bodnartl In reply to bios

MB NIC was enabled, however thru numerous troubleshooting steps to get a "working" NIC

i disabled the MB NIC in the BIOS. Swapped the PCI NIC into a different slot in the MB.

now if i log off and log on (or when I first boot up) i get the message "no cable connected" but if i disable PCI NIC (thru control panel) and then enable it, it connects right away, no problem.

this is very strange

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chipset drivers

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to yep. NIC enabled in bios

It then sounds like a problem with your chipset drivers not loading with windows.Go to the manufactur's website and download the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard.

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Same NIC Problem

by chichy In reply to yep. NIC enabled in bios


Did you manage to solve the problem with your daughter's PC - NIC problem?

I'm also having the same problem with my PC. I'm now using Wireless Internet connection, but currently having some problems with my wifi router, so switching back to use the cable connection to broadband. But the cables plugged into the NIC will show "Network cable unplugged". Tried different cables, same message but the cables work fine on my laptop. Driver working fine, no problem with the NIC. Disabled the wifi card. Also tried re-install windows.. problem is still there.. help!

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Desktop connectivity

by eholms In reply to Network Cable Unplugged

First question. Does this machine have an on-board NIC? If it does go into the BIOS and disable the onboard NIC. Then reboot the machine. Next reinstall the new NIC card, the machine should see it. Sometimes you may have to reboot a couple of times to ensure the machine reset the interrupts. Look in the Device Manager to double check.

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