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Network Card

By dlengyel ·
Has anyone experienced a lag after booting up an XP system, that the NIC card takes up to a minute before your network connection functions. I have seen this on three NEW systems (out of the box) connecting to either a cable or DSL modem.

I checked the drivers and they appear to be current.

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network connections function

by lcampbell In reply to Network Card

what is the network configuration? are the cards set for dhcp and if so, are they recieving dhcp leases? or APIPA addresses?
More info please?

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Net Configuration

by dlengyel In reply to network connections funct ...

They are set for DHCP. I am not sure about the leases. Where do I find that...and where do I set them. I am just using the default setup on XP

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check this first

by lcampbell In reply to Network Card

run a command prompt from your local PC and type in ipconfig/all. This will give you your local machine info for IP addressing, where it's coming from , etc..etc..IF you are recieving an APIPA address, it will take along time for booting(seems like booting, really searching for DHCP server and when not finding one, giving it's own addy)
If your address is 169.*.*.* (the *'s are whatever, but, it will begin with 169) it is addressing itself and not reaching a DHCP server to recieve a 'real' address. If this is the case, call your NetAdmin or ISP

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by peeyush_maurya In reply to Network Card

i think its normal for computer to take some time to show network connection functions.

but if u want to reduce time u can do some tweaking

or u might be having too many startup items.. check start>run>msconfig :startup item tab


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