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network card intermittent fault?

By jmambo ·
What could cause a celeron 333MHz machine with an Acerlan ALN325 network card and Windows95 to sometimes log on to the network and sometimes not.It can see network after successive log ons but if it sees the network and you shut down,on coming up it doesn't see itself or other computers until after second or third log ons.

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Command prompt

by luyasu In reply to network card intermittent ...

Type: nbtstat -n

Local Area Connection:
Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []

NetBIOS Local Name Table

Name Type Status
machine01 <00> UNIQUE Registered
machine01 <20> UNIQUE Registered
DOMAIN <00> GROUP Registered
DOMAIN <1E> GROUP Registered
DOMAIN <1D> UNIQUE Registered
..__MSBROWSE__.<01> GROUP Registered

Ensure which machine is the main network browser. If missing, then could be slow to start-up, which Windows 98 will continue to witness due to the NIC negotiation with the network hub or switch. Remember that the OS must first settle the NIC on the physical network, and then determine who is the master browser. This can cause issues particularly if the main browsing PC releases the ?network presence?, whilst another becoming the master browser, thereafter. As the first PC?s NIC returns the network presence, master/slave browsing is could become an issue. Depending on its settings, network browser will take a time to re-register the correct master/slave relationship.


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A case of machine not even seeing itself

by jmambo In reply to Command prompt

But in this case the machine does not even see itself when you log on and go to network neighbourhood.Then when you relog on it may be able to see itself and/or any other machine on the network.Sort of like sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.Could it be a communication problem between the machine and its network card?

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Not Seeing Itself

by dmorgan9 In reply to A case of machine not eve ...

You could have a router problem or a network card problem. I would start with the Network Card it is the cheapest and easy.After saying that I have also had this same problem because of Virus Software conflicting with router setting.NOTE: Some VirusPrograms will overide settings and go to Default and make you retype settings and or reset router Each one has it's own little glich. Good Luck.

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