Network Card Problems

By gwilliams ·
My company has a web server (Server 2003 Web Edition) with 3 network cards installed. Two of the cards are internal only with addresses. The other card has a static public IP. For some reason the card 3 (public) loses connectivity. It's not a set period of time either, varies. Sometimes it will stay up a day or two, other times it goes down after 3 hours. And when i say down i mean you cannot connect to it from the internet. If you look at the actual card both physically and from network connections everything looks fine. If you do a Repair or disable and enable you are able to connect again. Any ideas on what's wrong? I'm lost!

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OK Obviously for some reason a conflict is arising

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Network Card Problems

Under certain conditions that you are unaware of. I'm taking it that there is nothing showing in the Logs to this disconnection so you'll have to start from basics.

Try swapping one of the internal Cards settings to the Public Card and then change the Public Card setting to that Internal one and see which of any connection if any disconnects.

If it's the same Connection but now on an internal connection the problem is that there is some conflict arising with that card so you'll need to change it's settings.

If the Public line drops out after the move the problem is with the settings on that Line and you'll need to play around with the various IP Addressing and DNS Addressing till you get something that works reliably.

If it works leave it along and forget about the problem as you have now fixed it. Don't try to place it back to it's original configuration as you'll only reintroduce the problem.


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