Network Clients Internet crawls after server is offline

By tjesperson ·
I have an issue where my XP clients slow down considerably when this older win2003 server is offline or powered off. Example is launching the internet takes almost a minute to come up when it is instantanious when this server is online. This server is not a domain controller and sits in its own seperate domain. It isn't the DNS, DHCP or WINS server.It sits in its own domain. I am stumped on this one.

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FSMO roles perhaps? Was this old server running a global catalog?

by ManiacMan In reply to Network Clients Internet ...

Before you demote any Windows Server 2003 DCs', you always have to check if any operations master roles are running on it and if it's a global catalog server. If you're missing one of the 5 FSMO roles and the old DC has been since removed from the domain, you'll have to forcefully seize the missing role onto an existing domain controller. You also mention something about an application, which may or may not have been programmed to query the old server holding the global catalog role. Check with the developers to see if the application can be reconfigured to point at another DC with the global catalog role.

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by CG IT In reply to Network Clients Internet ...


what's the workstations gateway and DNS information?

If the server is just "a server" having it offline shouldn't affect workstations ability to get to the internet because they aren't using is as a "route out" nor use it to get information about network resources.

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Agreed. Put a sniffer on the network and see what's going on

by robo_dev In reply to humm...

Something like Ethereal or Wireshark is free.

I would look closely at user Browser proxy settings and also make sure something odd (like ISA) is not installed on the server.

Are the users mapping shares to the server? Printers?

I would run a tracert from some workstations to your ISPs DNS server with the server up, and then run the same tracert with the server offline.

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