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    Network communication


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    I have a program trhat controls some equipment over ethernet with a specific tcp/ip and subnet mask.
    I upgraded the program to the latest level in administrator log on and it works just fine.
    However, in normal user log on the program does not communicate to the network – seems like it is a network communication problem – all works in administrator log on but not local user.
    checked exceptions, turned off firewall etc.

    Is there any other settings in XP to change for this or is it likely to the upgraded program.

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      Sounds much more like a Permissions Problem

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      You may find that you need to reassign these users to Power Users or something like that for this to work here.

      You really need to look at how the Program was built to see what Permissions Levels it requires to run correctly.


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      Upgrade permissions

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      Without knowing the software that you upgraded it is kind of a guess. However many software’s act differently. Some require that you log on as a user and then do a “Run as” when you install. Some require you log in as an Admin, and some require that you login as a Domain Admin. Check with the company of the software to determine the proper install option. At the very worst you might be able to find the files and folders that are required to run properly and give the users access to that folder. Keeping users as regular user is of the utmost important these days, there is just too many ways for an Admin or a Power User to infect their PC and your Network.

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      more info

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      Thank you for your quick replies.
      the software is made by our company, the previous version was ok, and this version works just fine on a pc with no admin priviledges set.
      if it is “run as” administrator it works just fine, yet the normal user account has permissions to use the program BUT not to reset network settings ( which do not need resetting) – however I have seen on my laptop with local admin rights to set tcp/ip if I set to “obtain ip address automaticlaly” and then reset back to the equipments tcp/ip setting it worked.

      it is most confusing, some of the laptops with admin settings work MOST do not ( ie 3 out of 20 work) so I think its a windows thing ??

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