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Network / Computer Open Connections

By robaustin12001 ·

I have a computer on my network. All of a sudden the other day. I have a sonicwall hooked onto the network. I found a message in the log saying "The cache is full, 6144 open connections, some will be dropped, along with the IP Address.

This only happens when the computer is on the network especially on the internet. This also makes problems for other people on the network to have problems as well on the internet or receive or send emails. However, when we remove the computer from the network, everthing and everybody is okay.

The network card is on-board. I have disabled it in both the BIOS and the OS. I have installed even a internal PCI network card and still the same problem. I have also re-formatted the whole computer with the bare minimum in it and it still happens.

Can anyone help me. I have even upgraded the firmware of my sonicwall. I don't know what else the problem could be other than a motherboard problem. Please help, help.


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A solution..maybe

by azhamr In reply to Network / Computer Open C ...

Hi Mr M,

I have search through the net for your problem and I might suggest you look into this support forum for sonicwall users.

It suggest there that maybe one of your PC maybe infected with virus, worm or spyware. You really need to check all of the PC for those stuff. Try to upgrade the firmware to the latest version might also help fixing connection problem for other PCs.

Hope this will help you. Next time please post this kind of question to the Technical Q&A section.

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The cache is full; 6144 open connections; some will be dropped

by matt.alexander In reply to Network / Computer Open C ...

Hi there, i'm also having the same problem and was wondering if you have had any fee back on this?

Many Thanks

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Sounds like a

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Network / Computer Open C ...

faulty network card sending garbage across the network. Since the card is on-board, you may have to replace the motherboard.

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