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Network concern about connecting to the internet

By nigel ·

My family and I are attempting to resolve a concern over networking a PC to our/the netword.

Our modem-router is a wireless router: Netgear Rangemax(m)NEXT/Wireless Adapter; the wireless adapter in use is the Netgear WN311B (PCI Adapter).

Attached to our router are two ethernet PC's, two wireless laptops and the one wireless PC adapter as stated above.

All other computers/laptops work on the network, and the other laptop is connected to the Modem wireless router with no problems; the PC with the concern connects with the settings to the Netgear router with the security settings we all use. The difficulty is when we are awaiting the proverbial
"Acquiring Network Address". Having waited at least 5 minutes for this to activate, nothing happens.

There are no changes to the network in any manner.

Has anyone any suggestions to resolve this?

I am thinking that it might be a malicous worm/trojan or virus causing this. But nothing comes up on our A/V protection and Comodo either!

Would it be best for me to removal the adapater card and then reload Windows again?

Our family would be grateful for your advice?


Nigel Miles

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Check your TCP/IP settings

by NickNielsen In reply to Network concern about con ...

Is the PC in question set to obtain an address automatically or to use a specific address?

* Click Start | Settings | Network Connections.
* Right-click on the Local Area Connection associated with the wireless card.
* Click Properties
* Scroll down in the services window to the Internet Protocol.
* Highlight the Internet Protocol and click the Properties button.
* Make sure the radio button for "Obtain a network address automatically" is checked.
* Click OK to save.

If this setting is good, check your wireless connection itself. In the Network connections window, find the wireless adapter and verify the status is Connected. If not, check your security settings, the device drivers, and the physical device itself.

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Static IP

by tmalo627 In reply to Network concern about con ...

Have you tried to statically set an IP address on the problem machine? There may just be a problem with the DHCP client on that machine. If all the other machines have obtained IP addresses the problem wouldn't be with the router.

Let me know if this helps.

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Check router

by Wireeater In reply to Network concern about con ...

You might want to check the router settings and make sure DHCP isn't maxed on connections. If it is all you need to do is add more connections.

Is this PC using ethernet or wireless? If wireless make sure there isn't anykind of MAC filtering turned on as well. If there is you just need to add that MAC of that PC.

I'd start here. There is no reason why you should have to set up a static ip or even touch your TCP/IP settings.

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