Network config of a cisco 2511

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I know time is precious so ill go straight to the point. I have a network problem. The network consist of a Netopia Dsl modem 4 ports going to an isp then to 3 desktops (can not be moved) 1 empty port, I then have several options a Linksys EFAH05W switch, or an edimax router, or an linksys wrt-300n router. the main concern here is A) 1 pc must be hard wired to the back of any of those options, and then it must be connected to a Cisco 2511 router. That is the tough but mandatory pary, 1 serial, 1 ether on the 2511. now that serial on the 2511 goes to a microwave to another network, that on that end is tied to a cisco 1100 router. now how is this all to be configured. I have connectivity to the dsl, tested by laptop. i have connectivity at the router/switch back to the dsl. I then have connectivity on the back from the 1100 thru the microwave to the 2511. However i can not figure out how to configure or were the error is to and from the 2511 to the router or switch. Now some are asking y go through all that well, i have 5 pc that have to be linked here localy, then i also have a remote site that needs to be tied to this dsl. those that do need the config sheet from the 2511 to assist, plz just email me at Thanks for all the future brain crunching.

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