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By binu.joseph ·
please correct me if i am wrong. can some one tell me how is a network equipments configured in the rack like say does ethernet switch comes on top followed by patchpanel and then the firewall, spam controller, fiber switch fiber patch panel etc.. i just want to know if there is any standard settings for this on the the rack with reference documents.

Thank you

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by kamran In reply to Network Configuration

fire wall come first then ethernet Router or switch Server the spam controller

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Please Yourself

by trrrr In reply to Network Configuration

Whatever makes your rack easier for you to troubleshoot and get in and out of.

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All Depends...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Network Configuration

It all depends on preference, and what you have in this rack.
It is primarily a 'server' rack? Or is it also the wiring closet? If you have a high number of 'data drops', you may want to have the patch panel and cable management at the top, then the switch.
Also, it can be dependant upon what UPS system you have, and where you can place it in the rack. Some people like to place them at the bottom (as they weigh a lot), but others like the UPS in the middle so it can provide power to the top of the rack without cabling length issues.
I would take inventory of your rack, equipment and needs. Then pencil a few scenarios and see which one suites you best.

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by clarkd038 In reply to Network Configuration

doesn't really matter from what I usually see the fiber box is on the very top, then below that is the switch, and then the patch panel, then a rack with all of your firewall's and your spam assassin.

This is just the most common that I have seen, but it doesn't matter and you should just do whatever is the most convinient for you.

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