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By supreme21 ·
Ok I am deciding how I should setup my email server to access the internet.

The first way would be to give it an public ip address and put it on the DMZ and setup access rules on the DMZ, I can apply NAT on the DMZ if necessary

The second way would be to use port forwarding from the firewall so I can give the email server a private ip address but specify on my firewall that this public ip address conrresponds to this private ip address

Iam still deciding if you can give me any pro's and cons's on either solution I would appreciate it. I am using Domino for email

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Either Way...

by ghstinshll In reply to Network Configuration

Either way will work, and I don't have any implementation experience with them, but having as few of servers as I can have on public IPs is important. If I remember correctly, the only reason to have that in the DMZ on a public is if it's serving OWA....

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by thamlin In reply to Network Configuration

Your best results would be obtained from placing your email server in the DMZ and either giving it a specific public IP address alias on your firewall that points inward to the email private address or just allowing it to use the firewall's public address if you only are assigned the one address. The only ports necessary for email to be delivered are port 25 for SMTP and port 113 for identd a query system within smtp sessions. If you have some implementation of Web Access for users you would of course have to open port 80 or 443 for SSL depending on the application and how you choose to access it. All of the mentioned ports would be allowed access to your email server, and nothing else for security reasons.

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