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    network connection


    by joel40004000 ·

    I work a voluntary job in one internet cafe,there is only one printer and six computers.How can I connection these six computers to the printer?so that anybody can print from his/her computer without going to the computer that is directly connected to printer

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      network connection

      by tduval ·

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      Create a network !

      Only need network cards, cable and hub.
      Use the same network name for every Pc, a different name for each PC, add tcp/ip as unique protocol,start numbering from to

      Share printer on PC who’s owning it, and add printer/nework printer/scan network to find it.

      That’s all !

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      network connection

      by tlbuckingham ·

      In reply to network connection

      What he said. You could also purchase a Print Server

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      network connection

      by nerdy ·

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      going off the other guys—I am not sure but I believe you need to have a network card or connection on your printer also. I would verify that but i think you do!

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      network connection

      by william jay ·

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      Depending on the operating systems involved and budget considerations, there are several ways to do it. Windows file and printer sharing is by far the easiest, network the computers together, install the printer on one of them, turn on printer sharing, install the shared printer as the default on the others . . .

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      network connection

      by wlbowers ·

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      If everybody is on ethernet put the printer on a printserver.

      Linksys, netgear, axix, hp, lots of solutions avaible.

      Good Luck Lee

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