Network Connection from Laptop to PC Dead Slow

By BorgInva ·
Timewarner Cable in NC all ready sucks. Let me just get that out of the way.

My connection to the net from my PC (wired to router) is, okay (I miss DSL). My laptop wirelessly (a word?) is okay. My laptop into my PC via Remote Desktop is dead slow.

Any tweaks anyone know of to get a good conenction from laptop to PC? Signal strength is excellent.

Both XP SP2.
Linksys N wireless router.
Laptop uses N card.

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check connection speed

by bigduck In reply to Network Connection from L ...

I too have a wireless router with excellent signal strength. But my conneetion speed runs the gambit from <1 mb to 54 mb to 104 mb. It is constantly in flux. Use your wireless network connection utility to monitor the actual speed of your connection and see if when you remote desktop if it does not dramatically decrease. I updated drivers and changed to a different wireless card to get mine to work.

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