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network connection unplugged

By pchlp ·
am having a problem with a several PC's giving and error, "network connection Unplugged" when going to the main PC with a 80 gig drive that is used for backup.
The PC is a new one with all the updates and tcpip and netbuie on it. It has an onboard nic.
Other pc's give this error when trying to backup or retrieve their files. Some are XP and some are Win98se.
One older PC has no problem.
The computers go to the backup PC via a Kingston Etherx Pro Series Hub.
Any ideas!

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by troy In reply to network connection unplug ...

II have had a similar problem with a small office network but it also had a problem of being slow at transferring data from machines as well. it turned out to be a duplexing problem with various machines. I had to turn off auto sensing and force 100 1/2 duplex and performance went up and I no long had the network disconnect issue.

Hope this helps.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to network connection unplug ...

try locking down nic media type from autosense to 10mb half duplex

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to network connection unplug ...

Check your cabling, If you have a FLUKE cable tester use that on all patch cables. Next go into network properties and LAN properties and manually set your NIC's link speed to 100 half duplex and retry if need be lower link to 10 half duplex. Also verify your IP address and subnet as well as the default gateway (recommend the main pc unless you have a internet router on network). Try cycling power on hub and another port if possible.

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