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    Network Connections


    by ruairi ·

    booted this morning to find I had no dsl connectivity (ZX Pro SP2)…… to my surprise the icon had disappeared from Network connections…… rebooted the modem and Hola! all back to normal! My ISP was defensive and said it’s a windows issue…. be keen to hear from anyone thats heard of this before..

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      Agreed, ISPs don?t care

      by scottieoo ·

      In reply to Network Connections

      I have problems with my modem all the time and the ISP (Telstra) just says that I shouldn?t play with it and leave it alone. However I thought it was my property? For starters if I disconnect the power from the modem without disconnecting the authentication software the modem locks up and won?t re-connect. Also, just for the flashy PC activity light to work on the modem it floods my network with hundreds of ARP requests per second.

      Another issue I have is actually with the ISP software. The software is required to use the internet on each PC as a means of authentication. This is designed to disallow the use of windows internet sharing so my ISP can charge $1.00 extra per user.

      Should ISPs really charge more for each computer that uses the internet on your network?

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        isp Vs ics

        by ruairi ·

        In reply to Agreed, ISPs don?t care

        Telstra (Aus?) made a point of asking if my dsl provider suppoerted ICS, got the time date and a name, and it did come up later…..and they tried to tell me it cost extra…….I’m not so maybe they are taking it out of their h/desk analyst’s pay packet

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      Missing network connections

      by craig herberg ·

      In reply to Network Connections

      Standard operating procedure for lost DSL connectivity is power down DSL modem and router for 30 seconds, then apply power to DSL modem, wait until DSL lights stabilize on green, then apply power to router. If that doesn’t work, restart Windows.

      Of course I’ve heard of defensive ISPs.

      Craig Herberg

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        the chicken or the egg?

        by ruairi ·

        In reply to Missing network connections

        hah yes step 1 admit nothing and carry a big stick, inyerested to find out what causes the icon to disappear from network connections… which comes first? the chicken or the egg? does windows ‘lose’ the software connection so the h/w goes off line… how would modem locking up disappear the icon?

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          Re: the chicken or the egg?

          by craig herberg ·

          In reply to the chicken or the egg?

          Since your question now is about finding fault, it depends who you ask. If you ask the chicken, the problem is with the egg; conversely, if you ask the egg, it’s the chicken’s fault. As you probably now know, this principle governs the IT world. Most people trying to do actual work don’t care who is at fault — they just want the problem fixed so they can do their jobs.

          Craig Herberg

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        run a test

        by imamember ·

        In reply to Missing network connections

        I think you could answer your question by running a simple test:

        Power down your system, unplug the modem AC(leave router plugged in) and reboot … is the NetWrk Conn. icon missing?

        I suspect you’ll still have your icon because it’s usually related to the hardware (not the signal coming in.) Further clarification would come from an additional test where you’d disable/disconnect your NIC (not always easy to do depending on type.) Now power down the system, make sure modem and router have AC and reboot … I’d bet the NteWrk Conn. icon is missing. Thus your problem may have been related to the NIC driver failing to load/initialize properly … and not your ISP.

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